New Additions of Old Information

So, once again I put off writing on my world famous blog. My excuse. this time, is my new-found love of Facebook. It’s a much better and quicker place to put down all my useless thoughts and musings.

And now, I need to recap everything that has happened to us since Thanksgiving:

1. We had an awesome Christmas with Memere and Pepere up visiting. The Boy had a fabulous time and really got into getting a truckload of presents. When he had his 4th Birthday a few weeks later, he was eating up the presents with a spoon.  That is one Boy who loves his presents.

2. Zed had a slightly less exciting Christmas as most 6 month olds are less interested in the holidays. He liked eating the wrapping paper though.

3. The Boy’s 4th Birthday was held at home and we had quite a few little kids over for Hullabaloo (an awesome game for the wee ones), pizza, cake, ice cream and an ill-fated game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. When The Boy put his tail on the wall, far, far away from the donkey, I laughed. Way too loudly. He started to cry. Everyone was comforting The Boy and I felt like something on the bottom of my shoe.  But it was a pretty good party regardless.

4. Zed is crawling around like a pro. He stands up when he leans on something and he thinks he’s as big as his brother. He also has two little toothies coming through on the bottom. He’s doing pretty well despite this.

5. Our Permanent Residency in Canada is finally coming through. Unfortunately, we just had to go through all the hassle of getting our new Work Visa just a few weeks ago. We have to go the Border (stop off at Target!), turn around, come back and deal with the border patrol. When we went to get the Visa, it appeared we got the border intern who had to be walked through every step. Often the answers he recieved were contrary, so we were nervous for a while. I hope the PR experience goes quicker than the TWO hours we spent getting the Visa.

6. We just planned out summer trip back to the states. Hopefully it will go well taking our first plane trip with the two kids (fingers crossed).

7. We are also looking at getting a bigger second used car. It’s down to the Toyota Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe, but that may change at any moment.

That is all. Transmission Out.


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