It’s Morning in America

I don’t usually talk about politics, otherwise I’d be talking exclusively on this blog about politics, but I can’t not talk about this historic day.  I’ve been a huge fan of Barack Obama since his keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention and I’ve never waivered. This nearly two year campaign has exhausted just about everyone, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I wish I could have been in the States so that I could have done more actual assistance to the campaign, but I’m sure they appreciated my money and my vote.

For weeks now, The Boy has kept asking us if Barack Obama was president yet. This morning, I was happy to tell him that it finally happened. The Boy’s eyes lit up and he said “Barack Obama!” I don’t know if has any idea what a president is, or what the meaning of all this is, but I suspect he just likes to say the name, Barack Obama. C’mon! It’s just fun to say.

Although I don’t have any pictures of The Boy and Zed’s (first) Halloween, I can tell you it went smoothly. There was candy given and candy recieved.  The Boy was an adorable Curious George (here is the costume)  and Zed was an equally adorable lobster (as seen here).  If you thought that The Boy was supposed to be a ghost or maybe a vampire, you don’t know the short attention span of Our Boy. Part of the problem, was he found a costume catalog and took quite a shine to all the costumes inside.

Speaking of catalogs, The Boy loves to look at pictures of things that he wants for Christmas. He shows me pictures of books that he already owns that he finds in my book club flyers.  He’s also at the stage where he wants every toy that he sees on TV: a Stratego game, a baby who pees in a potty, a Barbie dream house. He has no shame.

But he can take that up with Santa soon. Until then, today is my Christmas morning.


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