Oh, No! Snow!

Yesterday, we got our first snowfall of the year. It was pretty minimal and nothing stuck to the ground, but it was pretty depressing. Can’t we get through Hallowe’en without snow? Sigh.

Speaking of Hallowe’en, The Boy has changed his mind from his original costume choice of ghost, to the equally scary choice of vampire.  But, I’m pretty gunshy about getting anything for fear of a last minute gamechanger on the afternoon of October 31.

Baby Zed is doing really great. He had a great 4 month checkup (16 lbs. 6 oz. and 26 inches long) and he’s getting more and more mobile all the time. If you set him down on his mattress on the floor, he’ll roll himself over, and start to work his way off the mattress and onto the floor. He reaaaaaaallly wants to crawl, but he hasn’t got there yet. I imagine it won’t be too long, though.

He smiles all the time and people stop me wherever I go and tell me what a beautiful baby he is. Well, of course he is! I can’t believe we were so lucky to have the most two beautiful babies in the world. Imagine that.

We just scheduled Zed’s Baby Naming Ceremony for Easter Sunday in April. It’ll be nice to have it on Easter and I guess the minister wants to have the children of the congregation participate, so we’ll have to see what he has planned.

The Boy’s potty use continues successfully, although we did have a weekend with some backsliding. But, overall it appears to be going really well.

A couple of weeks ago, we went apple picking and a good time was had by all. At first, we couldn’t even find any apples, but off in a secret corner of the orchard was some tasty Spencer and Honeygold trees. I wasn’t familiar with either variety, but there were delighfully tasty and they made some quality pies.

The interesting thing about the whole enterprise was that we were there at the end of the day and as I was waiting for DH and The Boy to pick out a pumpkin, I noticed that there were tons and tons of bags sitting around me. Apparently, people like to pick apples, but don’t so much like to purchase them. As I was noticing this, a woman explained to me that every day, hundreds of apples are just left in bags, unpurchased. It was a waste, but good for her, since she takes these left behind apples and uses them for snacks in her classroom.

On Canadian Thanksgiving (or Fakesgiving), we decided to start a new tradition. A Fakesgiving hike. We went to Warden Woods, not that far from our house, and took a brief walk and took pictures of the changing leaves.

This Saturday is our annual Photo Day! So, look out this Christmas for a two boy portrait. An American in Toronto Family first.

That is, unless it snows…


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  1. Yowsa, that is early! I remember thinking that mid-November was about what was fair when I grew up in northern Indiana.

    Looks like loverly hiking weather, though. Great tradition.

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