Autumnal Bliss

Sorry it’s been so long. But I’m back to work, so suddenly I’m thrust back into the fascinating world of film and television research and I have less time for my fabulous blog. I do, however, always make time for Facebook.

At any rate, we’ve been having lots of fun with Baby Zed and The Boy. Both of them are growing up at an alarming rate. Zed is able to roll over now – from both his back and his tummy. He’s also started to chew on my thumb and I hope he’s not ready to start teething. And he’s getting so big. We’ll see what his 4 Month check up will say next week.

The Boy, on the other hand, seems to be getting the hang of using the potty. He’s a bit of a slow learner when it comes to the world of potty. Mostly out of stubbornness, more than lack of intelligence.  But today, we seem to have jumped through a couple of hoops so far today and it looks good. I’m fully aware of kids going back and forth with the potty, but I feel good about this.

We recently had a fun visit with Grandma and Grandpa, who came up to visit The Boy and Zed. The Boy ran Grandpa ragged. He couldn’t be more excited to have visitors who brought presents and played Crocodile Chase in the backyard.

Autumn has slammed into Canada at full force. We have to plan our annual apple picking trip soon. But I’ll make sure that we don’t get as many apples as before. Nothing’s sadder than old apples.

Hallowe’en is coming up and The Boy is super excited, actually, his default emotion IS super excited. He wants to dress up like a ghost. It’s so traditional, that I think I’ll cry.  Now, I have to come up with a ghost costume. Zed will dress up in the classic Lobster costume from when The Boy was a baby. Tradition!

Well, that seems to be it. Not much else going on. Just awaiting the upcoming Next Great Depression. So, remember to buy canned goods, everyone.



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2 responses to “Autumnal Bliss

  1. Looking forward to the ghost costume. A sheet, some holes…

  2. Fantastic… kinda amazing matter. I am goin to blog about it as well.

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