Baby Zed and Big Boy: A Tale of Two Diapers

Tomorrow, Baby Zed turns the ripe old age of three weeks! Old, old baby. And getting older all the time.

Memere is up here in the GTA visiting her oldest and newest grandchildren. She came up with lots of clothes for Zed, not only from her, but also from Uncle Weithy and Aunt Freyapup. All of his new babywear looks absolutely adorable and have come in exceedingly handy. Because, well, Zed has many poopie diapers. Many, many poopie diapers. Today, he also peed all over my lap. Unfortunately, no one sent me any cute new clothes, so I am stuck wearing my old maternity clothes.

Earlier today, Big Boy (fka The Boy) decided that during his toilet training, his best bet would involve peeing on my foot. So, that’s going well. If I can get away without someone (or something) peeing on my head, it will be a miracle indeed.

So…Big Boy’s toilet training… How is it going? Well, it is not as entirely as successful as I would have hoped. But Rome wasn’t toilet trained in a day, so we have to remain optimistic. At least he has no problem putting his new underpants on, even if he doesn’t understand the complete concept of taking them off before voiding one’s bladder. Sigh. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean.

But anyway, Baby Zed is doing really well. He was 9 lbs. 5 1/2 oz. when we last weighed him at the midwives’ clinic and we’ll see how he’s grown when he goes back next week. He’s looking cuter all the time, I’ll tell you and as these NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos clearly show.



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2 responses to “Baby Zed and Big Boy: A Tale of Two Diapers

  1. Yeah, the cats were easy to toilet train, but no…you weren’t satisfied with cats!

    What an adorable little crew.

  2. Dina

    Hey M,
    I love the picture w/ ‘Zed’ and David. Wow, 2 beautiful bouncing baby boys… 3 if you include David. How lucky can a girl get.

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